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Hello Everyone

My name is Tammy and I have been in the Furnished Housing/Hospitality industry for over 20 years.

After studying the life of Flight Attendants, I've gained a brand-new respect for the industry as a whole. 

I see how hard crew members work and it compelled me to put together a special CrashPad where flight attendants will feel safe as well as have a clean, peaceful and well managed place to stay before and after their trips.

I welcome the opportunity to serve you.  Welcome to the DollHouse my loves.

The DollHouse

The DollHouse is a CrashPad where you can rest, relax and recharge in order to  be the best that you can be while flying the friendly sky’s. 


I welcome you to the DollHouse.  Your Home Away from Home. Truly.

Bed 1.jpg

Wheels Up!

I look forward to bringing value into your lives.

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